Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shop The Room

I absolutely love this Pipe & Flange DIY Shelving unit from Ascot Friday, and it only cost about $200 dollars to make! I found several great tutorials here, here and here for the industrial shelving unit. But if your not up for this this DIY challenge you can find a similar desk and bookshelf here and here.

Although I think the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters have been a little overused, I think this print from is classic and understated. Lets just talk about this Danish walnut desk chair from Etsy, how amazing is it?! It compliments the rustic industrial look very well. And this decorative brass sailboat from High Street Market should be a staple piece on all bookcases. Last but not least, check out this alphabet motif by Anna Larsson. She designed this print for IKEA, which features raised letters to give it depth and variation.Sooo coool!

Just a reminder if you have a room you would like me to shop, just shoot me an email and I will feature it on Wednesdays Shop the Room series. 

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