Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY Thursday: The Mason Jar Herb Garden

Claire Zinnecker a blogger for Camile Styles (currently one of my favorite blogs) did a tutorial back in 2011 on a Mason Jar Herb garden and I HAD to share it with you.


  • old wooden board or a 2x4 from home depot
  • mason jars
  • pipe clamps
  • triangle ring hangers
  • stainless hanging wire
  • picture hanger
  • chalkboard paint & chalk
  • brush
  • hammer, nails and screwdriver
  • herbs
  1. Space mason jars evenly on wooden board, and mark placement with a pencil in order to design and measure around.
  2. Tape off rectangles on board, and paint with chalkboard paint as pictured above. This way, you can switch out herbs and change their labels accordingly.
  3. Paint pipe clamps gold, and secure to wooden board by hammering a nail through the small holes in the pipe clamp.
  4. On back of board, nail in ring hangers and tie on hanging wire.
  5. Plant herbs in mason jars.
  6. Place mason jars into pipe clamps and tighten with a screwdriver.
  7. Nail picture hanger into the wall, and hang your herb display!

When I get around to actually doing this DIY, I might change a a few things. Instead of using an old wooden board I am going to buy a 2x4 from home depot and wash it with a dark stain. I think it would aesthetically add to my modern industrial kitchen

Also just another tip: To grow well indoors, herbs need as much natural light as possible. Place them in a sunny spot near a window where they’ll get at least 4 hours of sun daily. Windows that face south or southwest are your best shot at sun, though east- or west-facing windows also will do. North-facing windows are not bright enough.

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