Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY Thursday: Wire Baskets

I have begun to think about how I am going to decorate my new apartment, I have been on the hunt for DIY's that will fit into the modern industrial look I am going for. And, I found one! This is a tutorial for how to make you own wire basket.

tutorial via It's Just Me
  • canvas covered baskets with a wire frame 
  • hardware cloth
  • needle nose pliers 
  1.  Start with canvas covered baskets and remove the canvas, so you are left with just the wire frame.
  2. Measure the hardware cloth by measureing the baskets height, width and depth          (remember to leave extra room so you can fold around the corners)
  3. Take your needle nose pliers and bend the cloth over the sides of the frame. Bend the two larger sides first, then bend the two smaller sides. 
  4. Check the sides one more time to make sure there are no sharp edges sticking out, and your done!
 tutorial via Four Corners Design

This tutorial essentially produces the same type of wire basket, however the instructions are a bit more detailed.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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